A new chapter of Stand For The Silent has just been officially opened in Lawton, Oklahoma!!!!

Lawton Oklahoma Stand for the Silent

March 14, 2013

First Meeting: To be announced

Our Chapter will be called: Lawton, Oklahoma United To Stand for the Silent

Sponsor: Myrna LeAnn Skeen

Mission Statement

Every Child And Adult Will Unite In The Stand Against Bullying And Make It Known That Bullying Will No Longer Be Tolerated In Our Schools and Work Places, Or In Any Setting Where Children And Adults Gather in Common Areas. Our Commitment Is To Educate The Citizens of Lawton About The Dangers of Bullying And To Ensure That Bullying Will Be Permanently Abolished In Our City.


To meet once a month: specific date to be determined

To raise funds to keep our chapter active and thriving

To raise funds to pay it forward

To wear our wrist bands every day

To wear our SFTS Tee-shirts once a week

(and on special occasions such as Ty’s birthday – and other similar occasions).

To discuss the possibility of meeting with other SFTS groups annually at a national conference: (To seek Kirk’s guidance on this idea).

To join with regional chapters during the year for special events to be determined.

To share our stories and our experiences and how we can put an end to the bullying problem in our city.

To have a speaker at every meeting to share their personal story.

To arrange for special speakers from other chapters to speak at our chapter meetings on certain occasions.

To make certain that local and state media is always aware of our actions and efforts and that we are in the news as much as possible.

To visit schools and work places to tell them our stories and encourage them to become involved in our efforts

To have gatherings in the parks to include picnics, balloon releases, and other types of activities that enable us to enjoy being together and to feel safe and protected because as a group we stand united against those who have harmed us in the past.

To educate the bullies; to help them change their process of thought that caused them to believe that bullying was ever an acceptable behavior.

To educate the bystanders who don’t know how to help those whom they witness being bullied.

To educate the teachers, principals, and all of the staff members of the schools and the work places who have failed to understand that turning a blind eye to bullying makes them guilty and accountable.

Founder and first member LeAnn Skeen

Members to follow