Our Perfect Summer

Summer 2009Image

(Our perfect summer)

I’ll always remember the long balmy evenings in our backyard,

When daylight lingered past nine o’clock.

Me, on the lawn chair, sitting cross legged in the shade,

drinking plain iced tea from a wide mouth mason jar.


I’ll always remember you, cooking burgers on our favorite old charcoal grill

And how good they tasted, making us all rave;

The sweet watermelon juice dripping from my chin…and you laughing cause I walked around with a seed stuck to my leg!

I’ll always remember knowing that this is the taste of harmony on

Our slow, easy summer nights winding down from busy, hectic summer days.

Drowsy song birds rested quietly, amongst the rustling leaves,

While the soft, cool, night breezes gently rocked us to sleep.