The Bunny Bread Lady

March 17, 1969. I was in kindergarten. I called my babysitter Bunny because she worked at the Bunny Bread store in Mount Vernon, MO. “Saint Whoa?” Some kid told me that I was going to get pinched because I wasn’t wearing green. Bunny watched me until I went to school. I was terrified! I envisioned painful pinches from my classmates because I didn’t know I was supposed to wear green. I was crying hysterically in genuine fear. Bunny hurriedly grabbed a piece of green construction paper and quickly cut out a perfect four leaf clover for me to pin on my dress. I was truly amazed at her quick thinking and impressive ability to create something so lovely in a few seconds. I dried up about as fast as the sun comes out after a spring rain! I wore my clover proudly. I wonder what happened to that clover. I probably ate it! Bunny didn’t let any other kids call her Bunny accept for my brothers and me. For that reason, I cannot recall her real name. I just remember the other kids asking us why we called Mrs. ??? Bunny. What else would you call the Bunny Bread Lady?