Exclusive for High Chaparral, Rudy Ramos, aka “Wind” Fans

“Geronimo, Life on the Reservation” is set to premiere in Tucson during the High Chaparral Reunion at the casino del Sol March 22, 2014.

Courtesy of the High Chaparral Reunion page on Facebook

Courtesy of the High Chaparral Reunion page on Facebook

Courtesy of the High Chaparral Reunion page on Facebook

Courtesy of the High Chaparral Reunion page on Facebook

Rudy Ramos attended the 2013 High Chaparral Reunion last March at the Old Tucson Studios (where High Chaparral was filmed), in Tucson, Arizona.  While at the reunion, Rudy gave his very first reading of his one man performance of his own production of “Geronimo, Life on the Reservation.”

Rudy Ramos fans will be excited to know that his reading was recorded, and is available for viewing.  Rudy will be taking “Geronimo, Life on the Reservation,” on a nation wide tour that will premiere on March 22, 2014, during the High Chaparral Reunion at the casino del Sol. Tour dates are scheduled for Tombstone, Arizona, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Muskogee, Oklahoma, with more on the way, giving us all the opportunity to see the best adaptation of “Geronimo” ever!  Visit to get all of the most up-to-date information!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I give you Rudy Ramos reading from his very own “Geronimo, Life on the Reservation!”

A play by Janelle Meraz Hooper


Courtesy of the High Chaparral Reunion page on Facebook

Courtesy of the High Chaparral Reunion page on Facebook

Rudy Ramas with fans, Sisters, JJ and Liz at a recent High Chaparral Reunion. Courtesy of The High Chaparral Reunion page on Facebook

Rudy Ramas with fans, Sisters, JJ and Liz at a recent High Chaparral Reunion. Courtesy of The High Chaparral Reunion page on Facebook

High Chaparral Fans please visit the High Chaparral Reunion website!  Be sure to register for the 2014 reunion!  The reunion is held in Tucson, Arizona at ‘Old Tucson Studios’ where High Chaparral was filmed in March or April.  Fans will enjoy private luncheons with cast members, a cocktail meet and greet, a trail ride, and many other fun and memorable activities.  This event will be a vacation of a life time for High Chaparral fans! Visit the website and register for the reunion here.

If you are on Facebook, please visit and “like” the High Chaparral Reunion page.   Penny is there every day, posting memories, old and new, and keeping fans up to speed on all of the latest HC  “must know” news!  High Chaparral Reunion Page on Facebook.

. . .but I can’t keep from losin our tickets to the Rolling Stones. . .

I think it was 1996.  Jerry and I were supervisors together at a local business. I guess we were both still young enough to hang out with folks from work. . . something that I stopped doing years ago.

The Rolling Stones were coming to Owen Field at the University of Oklahoma and several of us decided to go as a group.  Jerry opted for a party bus so that we could drink and not be concerned with driving.  Thinking about all of this puts me in mind of how much I have aged just since the nineties, because we went to see the Stones on a party bus — on a work night!!  We were older, true, but in retrospect, not yet wiser!

Jerry entrusted the security of the tickets to me. And I in turn, promptly had them stolen! I can’t remember how many of us had tickets, but I do remember that I had them all! Jerry was a long time local business man who was taking a brief break from operating the family business when we met.  Jerry had the good sense to purchase the tickets with his credit card, so he was able to have the stolen Stones tickets replaced and waiting for us at will call when the party bus dropped us off at the stadium.

The stadium was packed and all concert goers were herded beneath the bleachers like cattle both coming and going.  Our original tickets were on the 50 yard line a few rows back from the tickets that replaced the stolen ones. The new ones were much better because there was a second stage in the middle of the stadium and our seats were on the same row as that second stage. So we got to see Mick Jagger perform so close to us that we could see the groupies toss their undergarments to him as he sweated, danced, and sang to the crowd.

I was not going to let the people who stole the original tickets off the hook so easily. So on the way to our seats, I stopped at the original seats and approached the one who was seated in mine. She was someone I knew from Oklahoma City and she had the audacity to tell me that she had those tickets for over a month. I could see the guilt well up in her face when I was able to name the precise time and place when she got those tickets only a few days earlier.

As far as I was concerned, the group of people who stole the tickets should be escorted in shame out of the venue. But Jerry intervened. He just wanted to have a good time and let the issue of the original tickets go.  I didn’t like it, but I was a women in my early thirties who had two kids, at a Rolling Stones Concert with a bunch of coworkers on a party bus! I had a mid-life coming of age moment and I dropped the issue, thus most likely preventing my own homicide!

Cheryl Crow opened and then she and Mick sang a song or two together, and then the Stones performed.

A good time was had by all. . .

Our Own Private Amusement Park (Eagle Park, Cache, Oklahoma)

Mountain Park 1997 - Back side of tunnel

Mountain Park 1997 – Back side of tunnel (Photo credit: Spatch)

Park Theatre Neon Sign - McMinnville, TN

Park Theatre Neon Sign – McMinnville, TN (Photo credit: SeeMidTN.com (aka Brent))

Asbury Park & Clowns

Asbury Park & Clowns (Photo credit: pam’s pics-)

eagle park(We Made a Memory)

In the mid-eighties my best friend and I were young single moms with a total of four kids; I one, her three, and we had a few years left before either of us knew that our mix was going to welcome three new members to usher in the next generation.  Our families blended nicely — so nicely, that we are convinced that our kids probably grew up believing that they were cousins.

Our best times were mostly spur of the moment ideas, like the time when we found ourselves at  the annual “Lions Club” Carnival that had set up in the parking lot at the mall on a gloriously sunny afternoon in May, when we spontaneously piled into her 84 Delta 88 and set out to have some fun.   The two of us were standing at the carousel watching as the ride went  round and round; as our kids went up and down on their painted pony of choice.  The moment was as magical as the music, and thoughts of holding on to a fleeting moment in time didn’t occur.

The idea came to me that this place was costing us too much money, so we decided to leave, and in about a half an hour we were pulling into an empty parking lot at the virtually forgotten Eagle Park in Cache, Oklahoma.  Eagle Park was once the epicenter of fun for those living in southwest Oklahoma. Now, in the eighties, the momentum was already fading — so for this old amusement park to revive itself for what may have been its very last time ( for all I  know), was truly spectacular. Our kids were full of enthusiasm and excitement because we were an adventurous bunch, so while they never knew what to expect from “us moms,” they did know that whatever we were going to do was going to be packed with treasured moments that would linger in their memories for a life time.

The five of them were curious and I, self-assured, as we seemed to cross an invisible bridge,  into a place that was made just for us to enjoy on that day, in that moment.  We were in the midst of shut down old wooden food stands with faded red and blue paint, that offered food for our spirits and not for our bodies.  There were rides standing still and the children gazed. So did we.

An older man (perhaps in his fifties or sixties) with gray hair, and wearing blue jeans,a western shirt, and cowboy boots came out of the office of the old place. He seemed to be expecting us.  The park came alive, one ride at a time. The kids were overjoyed as they ran from the swings, to the twist-a-whirl as one lone operator and six park guests chattered and laughed in a truly golden moment that must have always been planned for us to be there — on that day, in that time,  when a treasure simply presented itself to us and we took it.

Eagle Park is an Oklahoma Ghost town now.  The first bunch of kids, and the second are all grown and making their own memories with their own families and best friends.  One left us early, when he was twenty. Until today, in this moment, I hadn’t thought a lot about that moment.  The time when we had our own private amusement park; and we made a memory.

Our Perfect Summer

Summer 2009Image

(Our perfect summer)

I’ll always remember the long balmy evenings in our backyard,

When daylight lingered past nine o’clock.

Me, on the lawn chair, sitting cross legged in the shade,

drinking plain iced tea from a wide mouth mason jar.


I’ll always remember you, cooking burgers on our favorite old charcoal grill

And how good they tasted, making us all rave;

The sweet watermelon juice dripping from my chin…and you laughing cause I walked around with a seed stuck to my leg!

I’ll always remember knowing that this is the taste of harmony on

Our slow, easy summer nights winding down from busy, hectic summer days.

Drowsy song birds rested quietly, amongst the rustling leaves,

While the soft, cool, night breezes gently rocked us to sleep.

Little Hostage Girl

When I was nine years old a prisoner escaped from the reformatory on the outskirts of town. My little brother Hooby, who was six at the time, thought we should thread a wire across the bottom of the threshold.

“That way when he tries to get in the house he’ll trip and fall and we can club him with the baseball bat, tie him up, and haul him off to jail!” Hooby said.

“Hooby, that’s stupid!” I said.

“He probably won’t even come to our house anyway cause our dad’s the deputy sheriff. And if he does come to our house none of us are strong enough to take him!”

“I am!” said Hooby. “And Daddy is too! And Daddy can shoot him with his policeman gun! Pow pow!!”

“Daddy’s not here dummy.” I said. “And I know how brave you are. You ran home screamin and cryin when Mrs. Delaney’s Chihuahua chased you home from school.”

“Awe, you don’t know nuthin,” said Hooby.

Then he just plopped himself down in the big arm chair and pulled his knees to his chest, placed his chin on his fists, and sat with a scowl on his face.

Just then I heard the back door creak open and the screen door slam. Hooby and I were home by ourselves since Daddy was working. We didn’t know where our mom was. She left us a long time ago.

“What was that?” Hooby asked.

“A noise. Duh.” I said.

Then we heard footsteps. They sounded like big feet to me. Like the heavy sound a boot makes when it’s being worn by a grown man and being walked across a wood floor. The footsteps got louder and closer and Hooby ran and hid behind a curtain while I stood frozen; I was like a deer in the headlights if ever there was one. When the predator at last made his appearance he didn’t look anything like I’d imagined. He was a tall, man, with a slender build. He had salt and pepper hair with more pepper than salt and the oddest style I have ever seen. His hair was cut short and parted on the side and careful styled with hairspray (obviously), so that the front sticks out like a cliff about four or five inches from the forehead. He was wearing a tanned uniform with freshly polished cowboy boots, a gun in a holster and a badge.

“Daddy.” I said.

“Well yeah. You look like you thought it might be somebody else.” He said.

Hooby came out from behind the curtains.

“We thought you were the man who escaped from the reformatory, Daddy.”

“I’m sorry I scared you kids. I just wanted to come home and see if everything was all right here at the house. Now I don’t want you to worry about anything. Just keep the doors locked. I’ve got somebody watchin the house at all times. I wish I could stay home with ya’ll, but I can’t. I have to work. I have to help catch this guy and put him back where he belongs.”

“Daddy” I said. “What did he do?”

“He killed a man who walked in on a 7-11 he was robbing in Angleton.” Dad said.

“I thought they gave you death row for that, daddy” Hooby said.

Hooby and I were more familiar with some aspects of the criminal justice system because dad kept up with everything that was going on with it, so we were always exposed to it.

“Hoob” This escapee, Bobby Plant (that’s his name), did get the death penalty for his crime. But last year the death penalty was declared to be against the law. So all the people on death row got commuted to life.” Dad said.

“There’s a life row?” Hooby asked.

“Not exactly.” Dad said.” It’s called life because it means that’s how long a person will probably be in prison.”

“How did he escape?” I asked.

“It appears he made some kind of false bottom in a laundry basket. He worked in the prison laundry. I just know he couldn’t have escaped if he was still on death row. All prisoners are worthless if you ask me. A bullet only costs twenty-five cents. I think they should all be lined up and shot right in the head. Problem solved.” Dad said.

Dad never had a problem saying exactly what he thought. His unique take on freedom of speech got him in trouble on more than one occasion in his life. Dad carefully walked around the house checking to make sure all the windows and doors were secure. Then he went outside and walked all around the house with his really really bright policeman flashlight that is not only good for seeing in the dark, but also for busting windows, heads, or whatever needs busted.

I was trying to watch Dad from the backdoor of the laundry room, but it was too dark. Then I saw the door to the shed open and sure enough someone peaked out as if to see if the coast was clear. I knew they couldn’t see me from where I was watching. The shed door closed again and I knew I needed to act quickly.

“First, I need to tell Dad.” I said to myself as I put my plan into action. “Then I need to call the police. And Hooby. He needs to hide some place safe. But where?” My mind was all over the place. “Oh I know. I’ll send him over to Mrs. Delaney’s.”

Hooby had fallen asleep in the big arm chair while he was watching “The Carol Burnett Show.”

“I may have to pour water on him to wake him up.” I thought.” “Hooby. Wake up! Do you understand me. Wake up now!!”

I shook him and he started to stir. Whew.

“What’s wrong?” Hooby asked.

“You need to get your shoes on and run out the front door and run to Mrs. Delaney’s house as fast as you can. Tell her I sent you and I’ll explain later. Can you do that?”

“Yeah” Hooby said.

He was sleepy, but he understood the urgency and he got out the door fast and ran down the street.

“I should call the police now.” I thought. “Then I’ll find dad. That way if anything goes wrong the police will be on their way.”

After I called the police, I quietly crept around back to see where dad was. It was dark and I couldn’t see anything, but I figured I’d see his flashlight and find him easy enough. When I spotted Dad, he was just about to open the door to the shed where I saw Bobby Plant hiding a few minutes earlier. I knew dad was careful, but I figured if he knew the guy was in there it would eliminate the element of surprise.

“Daddy” I said quietly.

I didn’t want to startle him.

“Katy!” What are you doing out here? Get back in the house. I’ll talk to you inside.”

“No!” I said with a sense of urgency that at least made him pay attention to me.

Dad walked a little closer to me and I whispered to him what I saw. I didn’t want there to be any chance that Bobby Plant would know we were on to him or that his hideout was a deputy sheriff’s shed.

“You did good, Katy. Now run on in the house and call down to Mrs. Delaney’s and make sure Hooby made it down there okay.”

I went back inside through the laundry room and as quick as I stepped inside I was captured like a Venus fly trap catches a fly. I never saw it coming. Suddenly my short small body was being held against a larger body and his big hand easily covered my mouth and nose and it smelled like salt and dirt. About the same time I saw the flashing lights of the police cars outside. It was starting to look like Dad and the other cops were going to open the shed and find the same thing Geraldo Rivera found years later when he opened Al Capone’s vault.

“You need to keep quiet kid, if you like breathin. You dig what I’m sayin.” Bobby said. “I’m gonna let you go and when I do you don’t run away and you don’t scream.”

I nodded that I understood.

“What are ya doin in here?” I asked.

“I’m hungry. I came in to get somethin to eat.” Bobby said.

I cautiously walked over to the bread warmer on the stove with Bobby sticking very close and I took out a plate that my grandma had put in there to keep warm for my dad.

“It’s meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans.” I said. “Me and my grandma snapped the beans ourselves. She taught me how. You better eat it quick though.

“Oh yeah. Why’s that?” Bobby said.

He asked the question with his mouth full while he was stuffing his face with the dinner that was meant for my dad. Dad was not going to be happy that a prisoner ate his supper.

“Cause you know you are gonna get caught soon and have to go back to the reformatory. You can’t stay out here anymore no matter how much you wish for it.”

“Is that so little darlin? And what makes you think you know so much about what I can and can’t do?” Bobby said.

He was finishing up his plate of food and I rinsed it off in the sink. Neither Bobby nor I realized it, but the police spotted us in the house and were surrounding the entire house with men. The phone rang.

“Don’t answer that.” Bobby said.”

“I have too.” I said. “Otherwise if it’s my dad he’ll get worried and come inside. “Hello?”

“Katy. It’s your daddy. Try not to be scared. We’re gonna catch Plant. We see him. Does he have any weapons that you can see, honey?”

“No, daddy.” I said.

“That’s good.” Dad said. “You just sit tight. This won’t take long. I love you.”

“I love you too, Daddy. Bye.” I said.

Bobby and I sat down at the dining room table. Sitting there at the table with Bobby Plant made me feel the dichotomy of the situation although at the time I wouldn’t have explained it just that way. Our dining room with its round oak table and white linen napkins and tassels on the curtains was the safest and warmest place I knew. Now I was sitting here with a deadly criminal and I was his hostage. I was in the most danger I had ever been in as long as I’d been alive. Some how I managed to keep Bobby engaged in conversation which distracted him from worrying about getting captured. He didn’t even notice when two officers came in from behind and grabbed him before he ever knew they were there. I’m glad they didn’t have to shoot him.

That was a long night for me and for dad. Until now, I don’t suppose I have ever told anyone about that night. I just hadn’t thought about it. Dad still thinks we oughta just shoot prisoners in the head and be done with them. Some people just refuse to change I guess.

Liquid Lover

He madly pours her liquid spirit into his empty soul.

He feels her comfort rushing wildly through his body.

For this moment, the compulsion subsides…

But it always returns—He is never free – never whole.


He cries for her like a baby cries for his bottle

But her taste upon his lips will pacify

She helps him not to think; or even care if he can stand.

His life is too much to endure…without the staggering effects

of his liquid lover

A new chapter of Stand For The Silent has just been officially opened in Lawton, Oklahoma!!!!

Sending my SFTS blog post out in hopes of gaining more attention for this organization. Please remember to like the Stand for the Silent Lawton OK fb page. Thanks,


Hark, A Tiny Hum

Lawton Oklahoma Stand for the Silent

March 14, 2013

First Meeting: To be announced

Our Chapter will be called: Lawton, Oklahoma United To Stand for the Silent

Sponsor: Myrna LeAnn Skeen

Mission Statement

Every Child And Adult Will Unite In The Stand Against Bullying And Make It Known That Bullying Will No Longer Be Tolerated In Our Schools and Work Places, Or In Any Setting Where Children And Adults Gather in Common Areas. Our Commitment Is To Educate The Citizens of Lawton About The Dangers of Bullying And To Ensure That Bullying Will Be Permanently Abolished In Our City.


To meet once a month: specific date to be determined

To raise funds to keep our chapter active and thriving

To raise funds to pay it forward

To wear our wrist bands every day

To wear our SFTS Tee-shirts once a week

(and on special occasions such as Ty’s birthday…

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Flowers for Cousin Jack

Last night, Cousin Jack was by my side as he had been for such a long time.  I prayed, as I have prayed for the last thirteen months, for God to prepare us for the day that Cousin would depart time for Eternity.  Cousin was diagnosed with Dementia February, 2012. The doctor gave him a prescription for the dementia and told me that he would probably improve, but for only about eight months.  We got five months more than expected and although I was beginning to notice a declination, Cousin was doing well.

Yesterday, I came home from PT around four o’clock. Cousin was happy to see me, and he just wanted me to get settled so he could sit in my lap, because he wanted to be with me every moment of every day. I was watching General Hospital when I noticed the Cousin begin to get a little restless. I adjusted him a few times and he got comfortable for a few minutes, but he quickly became restless again, so I sat him on the floor, thinking he might be thirsty.

Cousin’s hind legs were dragging. I thought maybe he had a cramp that would go away in a few minutes, but it didn’t take long to realize that something had happened to him. I scooped him up, and carried him to Robert.  I told Robert that it was time for Cousin Jack to go to Heaven.  Robert wanted to take a look for himself and he knew that this was our last precious moments with Cousin. He called Mother and I called the doctor.  It was 5:30 and the doctor closes at six. We had to move fast because if we didn’t get Cousin to the doctor before six, he would suffer until morning.

Robert drove, and I sat in the back holding the Cousin. He kissed me one last time and Danny started singing “Last Kiss.”  I had it together until then. I told Cousin the same thing that I had been telling him for the last thirteen months.  I told him that he would go to Heaven, and that Michael would be there with Jesus when he arrived.

Dr. Bower was so compassionate.  He is the same doctor who removed Cousin’s cancer in 2008. Dr. Freeman told us in 2008 that Cousin’s cancer was deadly and he had little chance of living more than a few months. That year, I befriended Dr. Ron Mollet, a veterinarian in OKC.  I met  Ron at “The Biting Sow,” in Bricktown. He was a veterinarian by day and a Blues Hound by night.  Ron agreed with Dr. Freeman.  We watched Cousin closely as instructed and he continued to thrive for almost five more years.

Dr. Bower told us that Cousin had a stroke. He said he could treat him if we wanted to try to keep him a little longer.  I said that Dr. Freeman would tell me not to do that.  She would tell me that it’s time to let him go. I know that because she told me in February 2012 that the dementia medicine would give us about eight months but there wasn’t anything we could do to “stop” the inevitable. Dr. Bower understood, and agreed that we were making the best decision for Cousin Jack.

One of the assistants prepared a box for us to carry him home in, because we didn’t have time to get anything together. Dr. Bower gave Cousin a shot to make him fall asleep and told us to say good-bye and that he would return in about five minutes to euthanize Cousin. We had a pleasant last five minutes with the Cousin and he fell asleep in my arms. I was holding him and treasuring the warmth of his body and the beat of his heart.

Dr. Bower and his assistant returned and they said that they would take care of this final act of compassion because he doesn’t know that I am there. I told the doctor that we had been preparing for this day for a long time, and that I promised Cousin that I would hold him during his final moments.  I held him and I cried. I told him that I loved him and I prayed. I told God to make sure that Michael would be there waiting when Cousin arrived.  I asked the Holy Spirit to comfort us, and Dr. Bower gave Cousin the injection. The moment was truly merciful and miraculous.  Cousin was there in my arms so soft and warm and I kept my hand on his heart so that I could linger in the last seconds of his life as long as I could make those seconds last. It wasn’t really seconds. In no more than a second, Cousin left my arms and he was in Heaven in Michael’s arms.

We brought him home, to Old Town North. He was born in Old Town and now he is buried in Old Town. The house where he was born is a few blocks away.  His grave his next to the storm cellar here, on Dearborn.  The apartment where he spent most of his life is only a few feet from the house where he spent his last years.

We have no power over life and death.  Dogs teach us how to love and how to let go. I spent the last thirteen months learning how to let go of Cousin. He expected me to always take care of him and if he was sick, he knew that I would get him help to recover.  I couldn’t do anything about March 21, 2013. That day was always going to be the day that Cousin died.

November 1998 to March 2013. I met him for the first time Christmas Day of 1998.  Taco Bell was selling bobble head chihuahuas that were the exact size that the Cousin was that Christmas.

He loved us so deeply and so genuinely pure. Michael in Cousin are in Heaven and I know that when I see them, that no time will have passed.  Cousin, I miss you and I love you.  I treasured every moment with him. I knew the moments would end.  I held on to the seconds with all of my might, but Cousin’s last day was always going to be March 21, 2013.  I loved him. I am thinking of him now, and I’m smiling.

The Bunny Bread Lady

March 17, 1969. I was in kindergarten. I called my babysitter Bunny because she worked at the Bunny Bread store in Mount Vernon, MO. “Saint Whoa?” Some kid told me that I was going to get pinched because I wasn’t wearing green. Bunny watched me until I went to school. I was terrified! I envisioned painful pinches from my classmates because I didn’t know I was supposed to wear green. I was crying hysterically in genuine fear. Bunny hurriedly grabbed a piece of green construction paper and quickly cut out a perfect four leaf clover for me to pin on my dress. I was truly amazed at her quick thinking and impressive ability to create something so lovely in a few seconds. I dried up about as fast as the sun comes out after a spring rain! I wore my clover proudly. I wonder what happened to that clover. I probably ate it! Bunny didn’t let any other kids call her Bunny accept for my brothers and me. For that reason, I cannot recall her real name. I just remember the other kids asking us why we called Mrs. ??? Bunny. What else would you call the Bunny Bread Lady?

A new chapter of Stand For The Silent has just been officially opened in Lawton, Oklahoma!!!!

Lawton Oklahoma Stand for the Silent

March 14, 2013

First Meeting: To be announced

Our Chapter will be called: Lawton, Oklahoma United To Stand for the Silent

Sponsor: Myrna LeAnn Skeen

Mission Statement

Every Child And Adult Will Unite In The Stand Against Bullying And Make It Known That Bullying Will No Longer Be Tolerated In Our Schools and Work Places, Or In Any Setting Where Children And Adults Gather in Common Areas. Our Commitment Is To Educate The Citizens of Lawton About The Dangers of Bullying And To Ensure That Bullying Will Be Permanently Abolished In Our City.


To meet once a month: specific date to be determined

To raise funds to keep our chapter active and thriving

To raise funds to pay it forward

To wear our wrist bands every day

To wear our SFTS Tee-shirts once a week

(and on special occasions such as Ty’s birthday – and other similar occasions).

To discuss the possibility of meeting with other SFTS groups annually at a national conference: (To seek Kirk’s guidance on this idea).

To join with regional chapters during the year for special events to be determined.

To share our stories and our experiences and how we can put an end to the bullying problem in our city.

To have a speaker at every meeting to share their personal story.

To arrange for special speakers from other chapters to speak at our chapter meetings on certain occasions.

To make certain that local and state media is always aware of our actions and efforts and that we are in the news as much as possible.

To visit schools and work places to tell them our stories and encourage them to become involved in our efforts

To have gatherings in the parks to include picnics, balloon releases, and other types of activities that enable us to enjoy being together and to feel safe and protected because as a group we stand united against those who have harmed us in the past.

To educate the bullies; to help them change their process of thought that caused them to believe that bullying was ever an acceptable behavior.

To educate the bystanders who don’t know how to help those whom they witness being bullied.

To educate the teachers, principals, and all of the staff members of the schools and the work places who have failed to understand that turning a blind eye to bullying makes them guilty and accountable.

Founder and first member LeAnn Skeen

Members to follow