48 Hours in London 

In 1979, when my brother was sixteen, he went to London and got detained for two days at Heathrow. I was fifteen, but it was up to me to find out what happened to him because I’m kinda gifted in that area.
He wasn’t permitted to use the phone, so I had to figure out what happened with no clues. After many phone calls to airport security, American Embassy, and the airline, I was able to pin him down at the airport detention center.
I learned the reason he was detained was that he told customs he planned to live there. They never told me they were sending him back, but on a hunch, I thought they might be planning to do that.
For no particular reason, I suspected he would be on a flight from JFK that was arriving at Will Rogers the second night. We hadn’t spoken to him since before he left. Still, I talked my mother into driving to the Oklahoma City airport from Altus on nothing but a hunch.
I was nervous while watching the passengers getting off the plane. I was afraid my hunch might be wrong since it was a long shot.
As it turned out, he was on that flight, and he bounced into the terminal with his Gilligan hat and a huge smile. That made me angry. How dare he be so carefree and oblivious to what he put us through for the last 48 hours.
The phone bill was over a thousand dollars that month. Doc had given me a sailboat that I was looking forward to trying out at the lake but hadn’t yet been out in it. Doc sold the boat to pay the phone bill.
My brother soon became a world traveler. He has visited over fifty countries.
I have never been sailing.
My boat was a 12′ Challenger, but it did look a lot like this one.

One comment on “48 Hours in London 

  1. I remember driving to Dallas with your mom and Tom to put him on that plane to London but didn’t realize you were the one who tracked him down…….Your brother does have a way of letting events roll right off him, doesn’t he?

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