You Need a New Lens

I’ve been patient, polite, and tolerant in extreme measures to people who support Donald Trump, but to be honest, Trump supporters are not just wrong about him. These are people who are looking at life through one hell of a distorted lens. Not everything is subjective. Bigotry is never okay.
If you think certain groups of people are less human than you, the lens from which you see the world is distorting your view. If you feel you’re superior to people of color, to women, to gays, Muslims or Jews, or any marginalized group, you’re a racist, a misogynist, and a bigot.
Suppose you think this country needs a wall along the Mexican border. In that case, that undocumented immigrants need to be rounded up and deported, that Mexico sends us their rapists and murderers, that Muslims should be banned, that sexual harassment is not to be taken seriously, and that Donald Trump speaks for you. You are in the lowest common denominator, and Trump isn’t appealing to your intellect– He’s appealing to your emotions and fears. It’s a cheap shameless way to get a vote. The masses have always been upset about generalized issues, foolishly believing there is an easy solution to the problems in our country.
Now, there’s a narcissistic demagogue named Donald Trump, who’s clever enough to convince you that he alone can fix all your problems. But the more I hear him speak, the less intelligent I think he is. He really just views the world the same way you do. So you, the lowest common denominator, and Donald Trump relate to one another over these biases. I get that you think someone is finally speaking for you, but he’s really only saying what you want to hear, so you’ll vote for him, chant his name, and feed his ego. You are being used and manipulated.
I don’t think Trump supporters are necessarily stupid, but it’s not your intelligence at work here. It’s your fears and hatred of all of the terrible ways you think your country has let you down–and along comes this larger-than-life figure who understands you like no one ever has. Only Trump can’t fix these perceived wrongs any more than anyone can because some problems are a matter of perspective. The country isn’t broken. Your lens is broken.
If Trump is elected, you’re still going to see the same problems you see now because that’s the way you view the world. Donald Trump doesn’t care about what is going to happen when you finally figure out he can’t fix all your problems because his only mission at the moment is to win at all costs. He won’t know what to do when he gets there, but he doesn’t care for now. For him, it’s about the win.