. . .but I can’t keep from losin our tickets to the Rolling Stones. . .

I think it was 1996.  Jerry and I were supervisors together at a local business. I guess we were both still young enough to hang out with folks from work. . . something that I stopped doing years ago.

The Rolling Stones were coming to Owen Field at the University of Oklahoma and several of us decided to go as a group.  Jerry opted for a party bus so that we could drink and not be concerned with driving.  Thinking about all of this puts me in mind of how much I have aged just since the nineties, because we went to see the Stones on a party bus — on a work night!!  We were older, true, but in retrospect, not yet wiser!

Jerry entrusted the security of the tickets to me. And I in turn, promptly had them stolen! I can’t remember how many of us had tickets, but I do remember that I had them all! Jerry was a long time local business man who was taking a brief break from operating the family business when we met.  Jerry had the good sense to purchase the tickets with his credit card, so he was able to have the stolen Stones tickets replaced and waiting for us at will call when the party bus dropped us off at the stadium.

The stadium was packed and all concert goers were herded beneath the bleachers like cattle both coming and going.  Our original tickets were on the 50 yard line a few rows back from the tickets that replaced the stolen ones. The new ones were much better because there was a second stage in the middle of the stadium and our seats were on the same row as that second stage. So we got to see Mick Jagger perform so close to us that we could see the groupies toss their undergarments to him as he sweated, danced, and sang to the crowd.

I was not going to let the people who stole the original tickets off the hook so easily. So on the way to our seats, I stopped at the original seats and approached the one who was seated in mine. She was someone I knew from Oklahoma City and she had the audacity to tell me that she had those tickets for over a month. I could see the guilt well up in her face when I was able to name the precise time and place when she got those tickets only a few days earlier.

As far as I was concerned, the group of people who stole the tickets should be escorted in shame out of the venue. But Jerry intervened. He just wanted to have a good time and let the issue of the original tickets go.  I didn’t like it, but I was a women in my early thirties who had two kids, at a Rolling Stones Concert with a bunch of coworkers on a party bus! I had a mid-life coming of age moment and I dropped the issue, thus most likely preventing my own homicide!

Cheryl Crow opened and then she and Mick sang a song or two together, and then the Stones performed.

A good time was had by all. . .

2 comments on “. . .but I can’t keep from losin our tickets to the Rolling Stones. . .

  1. LeAnn, I hope you’ll continue to write your blog. You have some interesting topics, and you have a flair for writing. I also saw the Rolling Stones in the 1990s. We saw them outside at the Oakland Coliseum.

    Things could have turned out differently in so many ways. I wonder how the tickets were stolen. I’m glad that you were able to see (and hear) the concert, instead of riding the bus home with a group of p*ssed off people. I’m surprised that there were tickets available to replace those tickets so quickly. Those thieves should have been arrested. Seriously.

    I wouldn’t have wanted the responsibility to hold onto all those tickets.

    • harkatinyhum says:

      Thank You Marsha!I want to keep writing my blog, but my computer is broken and I cannot afford to buy another one right now. someone I knewand who knew where I was keeping the tickets in my house, broke into my house and stole the tickets and my TV.I cut that person off at the bus station.he had the money from the TV in his hands and I grab the money from him. And we had a scuffle. I was not able to get the tickets back. He sold the girl all but two of the tickets. He was at the concert but I don’t know where he was sitting. I think he traded the tickets that he kept with someone else because he knew that I would try to start something at the concert, and he was right. The girl who was in my seat was an acquaintance of mine and a friend of his. I met her through him at one point. these days I steer clear of drama!

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