Posted by Bigcat While Mom was Sleeping

1. Gunta. (swimming in the Arkansas River) Aka Goon and the Groovy Goony. He loved to be chased and ran off all the time. One day he was hit by a car. Thankfully the Tulsa Humane Society took him in and he was adopted by a good family who changed his name to Buddy. We only had him a few weeks.

2. Billy the Rooster. He’s really Billy’s dad’s rooster but I call him Billy in honor of a rooster by the same name who lived long ago and was a beloved pet that was tragically eaten for Sunday dinner. His story was actually beautifully told on the Soap Opera, Ryan’s Hope in 1977.

3. Rufus. (red collar w bone tag, lying on the floor) Billy’s mom’s dog. Watch out for him. He eats pigs.

4. Sis the bulldog. (resting on a pillow) Aka Sis Boom Bah. She’s a pit and is the most gentle dog I know. She belongs to Billy’s dad and lives next door to us.

5. Norton. (posing perfectly for the camera and the other is Nort and Sis kissing) I love him so. Aka Nort, Nortimer Snerd, and Nordon. He has been with us since Jan 2007. Last year when I was very sick and in the hospital I had Mother and Robert take him to the Tulsa Humane Society because I thought he was too much to handle. Mother told me later that she and Robert had become attached to him and were secretly hoping they wouldn’t take him. I cannot express how thankful I am that they didn’t. Truly, I wasn’t thinking clearly and I can’t imagine my world without a Nordon in it.

6. Bigcat. Born July 4, 1997 according to me. We got him in October 1998. He was my very first pet as an adult and he as had many many adventures. He once survived an apartment fire and was once built into a wall because he was too scared to come out when the construction guys started to build the wall. He is now a retired Tom Cat and lives a quiet secluded life in the country where he has been writing his memoirs on a typewriter he once received as a Christmas gift. I’m hoping that one day he will tell me about his kittenhood.

7. Cousin Jack. Aka Cousin, Jack, Jacky, Jackalak, and Lacky. Mother thinks he is her dog, but Cousin and I know better.

8. Frank. (pictured w me) Aka Lanky, widdle feller, Puppy Baby and sometimes Frankenfurter. He will soon be seven years old. Frank came into my life in May of 2002 when my heart had just been shattered a few months earlier in January when my twenty year old son Michael died. He was a balm to my broken heart. He would like all the others go go away so he can be the only dog in my life. He asked me to tell you that he is my favorite. No other dogs matter except for Frank.

2 comments on “Posted by Bigcat While Mom was Sleeping

  1. Stephanie says:

    That’s a great picture of you and Frank – so precious. Merry Christmas to you and yours, LeAnn!

  2. Hey, Humster! You need you should post!

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