A Blogworthy Horse, Of Course!

I made a new friend this morning!! I pulled into the driveway and noticed someone I had never met before, hanging around in the pasture behind our house. I don’t know his name and I think he must be new to the neighborhood.
I haven’t had much experience with horses. I have gone riding a few times and every single time, I have been thrown!! Everyone tells me it’s because they can tell I’m afraid of them and they are all wrong!! I am not afraid of horses in the least. I think it is something else. I spoil my dogs and my cat but I have always been unintentionally indifferent towards horses. I never regarded them as a pet to be loved and gushed over. I guess I sort of considered them transportation or something to do, like a go cart ride or something.
But this time, I talked to my new friend with respect like he deserved. I fed him some Quaker Oats and visited with him in twenty degree temperatures for at least an half an hour. As Sally Field once said, “He liked me!! He really liked me!!” He didn’t want me to go and I didn’t want to go. I was afraid I would never get to see him again. My friend Sue Ellen suggested he could be a stray. I hope not. I don’t understand why he wasn’t in a warm barn somewhere though. If he comes back, maybe I’ll ask him to take me to his house so I can meet his owners. I think I better buy a bale of hay to keep on hand so he will have a snack when he visits too. I think he could use a little fattening up!!

One comment on “A Blogworthy Horse, Of Course!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh how I wish I could make a friend like that!

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