Cousin Jack Had A Cancer Scare!

A couple of weeks ago, while visiting Cousin Jack at Mother’s house, I noticed a new growth on his chest. I felt it while giving him a hug and lifted him up to see what it was. I thought it was a sore but upon examination I dismissed it as a mole I hadn’t ever noticed. I eventually learned that I hadn’t noticed it because it wasn’t there before. As you can see from the picture with me holding him, is chest is pretty much bare. In just a few days the new mole grew rapidly. I’ll spare you a graphic description. Less than a week after I first noticed the mole, Mother decided to take him to the vet. The vet thought is was suspicious. She pretty much told us that most likely there would be no hope for Cousin Jack. She started talking to us about putting him down and everything. Cousin is ten years old, but he is a very healthy doggy. He didn’t appear to be the least bit sick. So on Tuesday evening we took him to spend the night at the vet so he could have his growth removed Wednesday morning. He had never been boarded and was so afraid. He was trembling and as I put him in the kennel he clung tightly to me and tried so hard to jump back into my arms. They promised me they would give him a doggy xanax.
I went to get him yesterday afternoon. Doctor Bower (great name for a vet, huh) spoke with me and said he definitely got it all. He made sure there was nothing left of the growth. Most encouraging was that he said he had seen cancer many times and this was not cancer. It was simply a superficial mole. He said we still have to wait for confirmation from the lab in Dallas but not to worry. Cousin Jack was ecstatic to learn he was going to live!! He celebrated by eating a dozen dog treats at the vet. He then called Mother and asked her if he could spend the night with me in the country. He promised to be good and said he wouldn’t run into the highway. He kept his promise and has been a very well behaved doggy. He only picked one fight with Norton. He’s ready to go home now so in a little while, Billy and I will take him home to Mother.
Did you noticed the family resemblance in our picture?? You can tell we’re related because we both have large luminous eyes and distinctive apple shaped heads.
I hope you’re all having a pleasant holiday season. Tucson readers please tell all your friends to go to Sears at the Park Place mall and buy a mattress from Justin. Nothing says Christmas like a Sealy Posterpedic under the tree!!

2 comments on “Cousin Jack Had A Cancer Scare!

  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m so glad Cousin Jack is okay!

  2. my5cents says:

    I’m sure your entire family is happy that Cousin Jack is doing so well. I am sure he would be missed at the Christmas dinner table if he wasn’t able to attend!

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