Billy and I went to his mom’s and step-dad’s (Stan and Shirley) house in Yukon today. We showed up nearly two hours late for dinner but there was plenty of leftovers. They took us on a tour of Stan’s new store and meat snack plant. My friend Jill stopped by and visited for a while. Pictured are:

1. Jill and me. (Not Jill and I, right, Richard)?

2. Jill and Billy.

3-10. Stan’s business in the store area. Don’t forget to buy all your meat snacks from Stan and order early for Christmas.

11. Shirley (World’s greatest MIL)

12. Stan (King of Meat)

13. Billy’s cousin, Spike.

14. Billy’s Uncle Bob (Spike’s dad, Shirley’s brother and all around great guy).

15. Billy and his daughter Celesta. (She’s goin to Oxford in the Fall).

It was a nice quiet Thanksgiving. We left around seven to go pick up our landlord’s granddaughter from the airport and got home around nine. I saw one place where gas was $1.54 but in most places it was about the same as in Lawton. I hope you all enjoyed your day.

2 comments on “

  1. Madtoe says:

    The dog is adorable! 🙂 You seem like you had a nice thanksgiving day!Love ya,Leigh-Anne

  2. Stephanie says:

    I’m glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Ours was low-key, too. I wish I could say the same for Christmas, but that holiday is going to be frantic, and I get to be the hostess with the mostest. Sigh.

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