Veteran’s Day Tuesday November 11, 2008

Today, Billy and I went to Fort Sill National Cemetery which is very close to our home here in the tiny community of Richards Spur. (It might be Richard Spur, I’m not sure). My mother’s husband, Ernie’s first wife Anna is buried there and so is Justin’s Uncle David. Anna died in February and David died in April. David was riding is bicycle and was hit by a car and died of massive head and trunk injuries even though he always put safety first and was wearing a helmet. He was only forty-six. The family of the man buried next to David was tending to his grave. Someone had left flowers but they were just lying there in the plastic wrapper.

Billy also got a shot of a memorial stone for General Critz whose wife Joy was a dear friend of mine in the 80’s until she moved out of state and we lost touch. Joy was with me in the emergency room when Michael came down with meningitis when he was only five years old.

In Elgin today we spotted a girl riding a horse and I thought that was neat so I made Billy get a picture but I think we scared the girl cause she trotted of quickly when she saw us. The church in the picture is where Billy had to wait in line for two hours to vote a week ago today.

5 comments on “Veteran’s Day Tuesday November 11, 2008

  1. >>(It might be Richard Spur, I'm not sure)<<You could just call it "Dick's Spur" and be done with it. ;>)

  2. Madtoe says:

    Took some good pix! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amy says:

    These pix are really good!! I’m sure it was very emotional to see this place on Veterans day!

  4. Great Pics. Le, you write so well, I do hope you will write more with your pictures as you post them.Richard, did you know that you and your friend inspired a 100 days, 100 poems challenge for me and Le’s mom, who is an awesome poet?Blessings upon and among us all,Jill

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