I Was An Idiot and I Panicked so I didn’t Vote!

Today Billy and I were genuine idiots when we decided to drive to the courthouse and cast our votes early. When we got there and saw long lines of voters stretching almost to the mall (Nah na nah na nah nah, our mall is downtown) we panicked, thus classifying us as Panicky Idiots making us unqualified to vote. Refer to this link. http://giantmuh.blogspot.com/2008/10/if-you-are-panicky-idiot-please-dont.html. It was mayhem! Madness! We decided to wait until Tuesday when we can peacefully vote at our own designated polling place at Wichita Mountain Estates Fire Department where we surmise that the entire voting population is probably significantly less than the hundreds of Comanche County residents who were standing in that line!! There were folks who were nowhere near the front who had already been there for two hours!

In other news, gas prices in Lawton are creeping back up. It’s around $2.08 a gallon now. It seems that Lawton didn’t want the honor of having the lowest gas prices in the state. It’s a good thing I got a picture before it went back up to over $2.00 a gallon!

3 comments on “I Was An Idiot and I Panicked so I didn’t Vote!

  1. I know you’re not a panicky idiot, Leann, because they were all at our Wal Mart this afternoon, and you weren’t there.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Early voting? I never heard of such a thing! And I can’t get over those gas prices. Yours are a dollar less than ours!

  3. Lee, It took me three tries, and finally, only had to wait in line 1 hour and 15 minutes to vote today.You’re not an idiot. I’m on Day 34. I have a strategy for making it to day 100 with a poem a day. I do intense brainstorming sessions; then also throughout the day if something strikes me, I do to my poetry file and create a document with the title — something that will remind me what the source of inspiration was when it comes to that day. Then each day, I reveiw the list of titles and pick one that speaks to me and write to it.Then I try to add another title to think about and let cook on the back burner.Gas in OKC Saturday was 1.88/gal

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