Billy and I went to his mom’s and step-dad’s (Stan and Shirley) house in Yukon today. We showed up nearly two hours late for dinner but there was plenty of leftovers. They took us on a tour of Stan’s new store and meat snack plant. My friend Jill stopped by and visited for a while. Pictured are:

1. Jill and me. (Not Jill and I, right, Richard)?

2. Jill and Billy.

3-10. Stan’s business in the store area. Don’t forget to buy all your meat snacks from Stan and order early for Christmas.

11. Shirley (World’s greatest MIL)

12. Stan (King of Meat)

13. Billy’s cousin, Spike.

14. Billy’s Uncle Bob (Spike’s dad, Shirley’s brother and all around great guy).

15. Billy and his daughter Celesta. (She’s goin to Oxford in the Fall).

It was a nice quiet Thanksgiving. We left around seven to go pick up our landlord’s granddaughter from the airport and got home around nine. I saw one place where gas was $1.54 but in most places it was about the same as in Lawton. I hope you all enjoyed your day.

Happy Thanksgiving

It seems gas prices are still dropping for the time being. I’ll be in Yukon tomorrow. I’m curious to know what the gas prices are in the city because they are usually quite a bit lower there than they are here.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Veteran’s Day Tuesday November 11, 2008

Today, Billy and I went to Fort Sill National Cemetery which is very close to our home here in the tiny community of Richards Spur. (It might be Richard Spur, I’m not sure). My mother’s husband, Ernie’s first wife Anna is buried there and so is Justin’s Uncle David. Anna died in February and David died in April. David was riding is bicycle and was hit by a car and died of massive head and trunk injuries even though he always put safety first and was wearing a helmet. He was only forty-six. The family of the man buried next to David was tending to his grave. Someone had left flowers but they were just lying there in the plastic wrapper.

Billy also got a shot of a memorial stone for General Critz whose wife Joy was a dear friend of mine in the 80’s until she moved out of state and we lost touch. Joy was with me in the emergency room when Michael came down with meningitis when he was only five years old.

In Elgin today we spotted a girl riding a horse and I thought that was neat so I made Billy get a picture but I think we scared the girl cause she trotted of quickly when she saw us. The church in the picture is where Billy had to wait in line for two hours to vote a week ago today.

Forgy named Window Cleaner of the Month

It is true that when it comes to cleaning, Billy is the best. It was actually the first thing I noticed when I first visited his apartment in Oklahoma City in 1995. That’s probably because I am pretty much the opposite of Billy when it comes to cleaning. I’m certain it’s because he’s so good that is why his window cleaning business is doing so well, so quickly. The trick is to get people to give us a chance in the first place. Once he does work for them, the rest is easy. So I have to say I’m grateful to the Master Window Cleaners Association of America for giving Billy recognition for a job well done. They voted Billy window cleaner of the month for 2008 and issued a press release that was in today’s Sunday Constitution. The association has been a tremendous help to us in learning and growing the business. We couldn’t have done any of this without them. So please visit their web site and find a window cleaner near you. Everyone loves clean windows but it’s a very hard job and you’ll be thrilled with your windows once you have had them professionally cleaned. Here is a link to the member directory.

I Was An Idiot and I Panicked so I didn’t Vote!

Today Billy and I were genuine idiots when we decided to drive to the courthouse and cast our votes early. When we got there and saw long lines of voters stretching almost to the mall (Nah na nah na nah nah, our mall is downtown) we panicked, thus classifying us as Panicky Idiots making us unqualified to vote. Refer to this link. It was mayhem! Madness! We decided to wait until Tuesday when we can peacefully vote at our own designated polling place at Wichita Mountain Estates Fire Department where we surmise that the entire voting population is probably significantly less than the hundreds of Comanche County residents who were standing in that line!! There were folks who were nowhere near the front who had already been there for two hours!

In other news, gas prices in Lawton are creeping back up. It’s around $2.08 a gallon now. It seems that Lawton didn’t want the honor of having the lowest gas prices in the state. It’s a good thing I got a picture before it went back up to over $2.00 a gallon!