Yukon Oklahoma

Not much happening around here. The window cleaning business is really taking off. Yesterday Billy and I went to Yukon and he cleaned his mom’s windows and his Uncle gave us a pressure washer which is very cool. I saw gas as low as $2.59. I got a pic of it at $2.68 though. So what are the gas prices where y’all are??

I put up a pic of Billy, his mom and his daughter Celesta, his sister Kim and her little friend, and his step dad Stan.

Stan has a beef jerky empire. Currently he is in the process of opening a new plant and store in Yukon. We went there yesterday and saw it but I forgot my camera. I’m easily impressed and thought it was so cool that he actually owns his own fork lift! lol . I just never knew anybody who owned a fork lift, ya know? Here is the link to Stan’s web site.


Everybody but Richard please feel free to go take a look. He takes orders from all over the United States and has great gift packages too. Okay Richard you can look too since you do know people who eat meat.

That one pic is of our front porch taken this morning.

4 comments on “Yukon Oklahoma

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are wearing an Army shirt:(Tom

  2. Stephanie says:

    I’m jealous of your gas prices! We thought we had it good when gas went down to $3.42!

  3. I looked at meat! My eyes! My eyes! Aaaaag!

  4. Madtoe says:

    Yes, I noticed that gas went down too. Weird America! 😉

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