Bill Goes Cleaning Windows to Make An Honest Bob

Billy recently became a member of Master Window Cleaners of America making him the first an only Oklahoma resident in the second largest Window Cleaners association in the US. Here is the link so you can check out their web site. They have a directory so you can find a professional window cleaner near you. Our good friend and mentor Howard Connet of Tucson AZ helped establish our membership.

And for your entertainment pleasure I present to you a you tube video with George Formby singing “When I’m Cleaning Windows”.

5 comments on “Bill Goes Cleaning Windows to Make An Honest Bob

  1. Okay, that was just plain weird.

  2. my5cents says:

    Hope your Bill doesn’t have any angry birds to contend with! LOL

  3. stephanieee says:

    Nice brick building!

  4. Bybee says:

    Oh, he’s cute!

  5. Well, this is frustrating. Le, I loved the Yukon and Az stories. The pictures too.But I didn’t realize I had to register at google to comment.Agree with your theory of the girl not really slowing down to take a look at him, but having car trouble.I’ve always had my own theory.

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