My Kids Lives

I think I have great kids, and they are certainly worth blogging about once in a while. And even though they sneaked off on an airplane to Tucson, on Justin’s 18 birthday, not telling me they had no plans to return, they are doing very well for themselves and I’m proud of them.
Cherise is from Tucson and it’s where her family lives. Well until recently, when her dad got an awesome job in Las Vegas. So now Justin and Cherise live with her only Tucson relative, her grandmother.
They call me several times a day which I think is cool. After my oldest son, Michael died, Justin knows I get very worried if I don’t know where he is at all times. These are really great kids. They work hard and save their money, so they won’t have problems with debt. They don’t smoke cigarettes, although Justin is experimenting with that right now, and I hope he decides it’s not worth it. Justin is a top commissioned salesman at Sears in Tucson and does very well. He’s hoping it will lead to a promotion very soon. Cherise works at the Texas Road House because she likes to cook. But she is an artist and I don’t think she’s gonna be happy until she explores the amazing possibilites in that field. She was invited to be a teen corrospondent at the Tulsa World last year and turned it down.
My stepdaughter Celesta is full of life and energy and has literally hundreds of friends she actually knows personally. Everyone who knows her likes her. She is going to graduate from Central State University in Edmond OK soon with a degree in PR. She spends her summers taking classes, working full time and flying to California to visit her awesome boyfriend Matt. He’s a law student specializing in entertainment law. So this summer he is interning at MTV and meeting lots and lots of celebs. His law school is in Miami. I hope Matt and Celesta get married and he becomes a rich Beverly Hills attorney cause I will sooo show up on their door step one day. Yeah, like that’s all they need!!
I also have a darling six year old Grandson who’s name is Elijah. I only saw him once which was at his daddy’s funeral almost seven years ago. His dad was my son Michael and he was like Celesta in the sense that he had many many friends. I still have contact with them via his myspace tribute page. His funeral, like so many young people who die was standing room only. It was down in Sealy TX at his dad’s church and I didn’t know most of the people but they were so gracious to me. Michael should have been 27 this past July 4. It’s always hard, but I choose to celebrate and enjoy that holiday because I don’t want to waste it grieving all day long. Let me see if I can figure out how to get some pics of my kids on here. I’ll try but who knows if it will work.

Okay, it worked, I suppose. The top two pics are Justin w his Cousin Billy and with his sister Megan. Then there’s one w Justin and Cherise in Orlando. The next one is Celesta and her bf Matt. The tiny one is My son Michael. I guess that pic can’t be any bigger. But I have very few pics of him as an adult. I love my kids and more importantly, I’m waiting for them all to make their fortunes so they can indulge me in an extravagant lifestyle as I grow older. I think that if Tila Tequila could achieve fame and fortune via Myspace, then I should be able to do the same. Besides, it’s not that I can’t sing. I’m just pitchy, that’s all!! lol.

So, is anybody gonna read this blog?? lol. Take care and Good night everybody.


PS I recently got another picture of Michael and it’s the first one at the top. I think it was taken in December 2001 which was about one month before he died.

One comment on “My Kids Lives

  1. stephanieee says:

    What a good looking family! Thanks for sharing the photos with us. I’m so sorry about your son, Michael. That kind of loss is unimaginable to me.

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